About Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a Y shaped archipelago of approximately 83 islands is situated in the south- western Pacific Ocean, about 1,750 kilometres east of Australia and 500 kilometres north- east of New Caledonia. The independent Republic of Vanuatu lies between latitude 13° to 23° S and longitude 166° to 172° E and has a total land area is approximately 12,200 square kilometres, the territorial waters cover around 450,000 square kilometres.

The climate varies considerably from tropical to subtropical depending upon exposure to trade winds, elevation and latitude. The northern region of the island chain is more tropical than in the south. The average midday temperature in Port Vila is 29°C in summer and 25°C in winter, while in Luganville, in the north, seasonal temperatures vary between 33°C in summer and 26°C in winter. Maritime influence and tropical south-east trade winds temper throughout the year. The annual average rainfall in variation ranges between 2,350mm in the south to 3,900mm in the north.

Did you know

Today Vanuatu has a unique blend of custom (tribal) communities, resorts, beaches, fine dining and geography ranging from large mountain chains shrouded in mist, to accessible volcanoes and pristine underwater environments